For just a couple of pounds you can transform your photographs of flowers.  Oasis comes in various shapes and sizes and is regularly used by florists to design floral arrangements. A pack of three cylindrical shapes like the one I use in the video costs just £1.50 from retailers such as Hobbycraft. If you are just doing a quick shoot for an hour you can just plunge the stems in to the dry Oasis but if you are going to be working with the same flowers over a few days then I would recommend soaking the Oasis before putting the flowers in. Make sure you don’t let the Oasis dry out or your flowers will die!!

The great advantage of using an Oasis is that you can capture the beauty of long stemmed flower arrangements with interesting spaces between them. The distance you create with the holes in the Oasis allows you to take advantage of some creative uses of depth of field. In several shots of the Alliums I was able to change the spaces between the stems and create more depth in the floral arrangement. Using the Oasis allowed me to vary my camera angles. You can see in the picture below that I was able to shoot from a low angle and capture the different shapes of the individual stems. This is something I wouldn’t have been be able to do if I was using a vase.

Using an Oasis allowed the use of some low camera angles




























As you can see, for a really minimal investment you can create some great effects.

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