The Silenced Heart – releasing ourselves from trauma

All states of being are determined by the heart.

It is the heart that leads the way.

As surely as our shadow never leaves us,

so well-being will follow

when we speak or act

with a pure heart.

(Verse from the Buddhist Text the ‘Dhammapada’

Three weeks ago I sat in a hospital gown waiting for X-rays of the areas of my body that leave me in constant pain. I looked at my feet and wondered, how did I get here? How did my body, heart and mind become so disconnected from each other. Trauma! this is what it does to you. It breaks the best of you in to tiny pieces and piece by piece you have to try and put yourself back together again.

When you have experienced a traumatic event the heart often suffers in silence and in that silence there is no space for pain to leave your body. Instead its sits there waiting for the day when you are finally allowed to speak from your heart in a way that some one truly hears.

So there I am sitting there waiting, it’s busy, and after x-rays, it’s blood work next. But of course no pictures of the inside of my body or examining my blood is going to fix this. My choice of reading material while I waited was the Dhammapada. This book is based on the Buddhas own words, it’s a lamp in the darkness, a guiding light allowing us to contemplate the suffering of our human spirit. You can always find a verse that means something to you in times of crisis. And there it was, verse two above.

With PTSD your trauma doesn’t get processed properly, and the reliving of old traumas leaves the heart in a permanent state of grief. It’s time to heal the heart, time to let go of the anger, the bitterness, the grief.

Let the heart follow it’s true path, do not silence the heart or suffering surely will follow.

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