It’s January 2019 and the start of a whole new year in photography. For me January is always my time for researching and buying in props and making painted backgrounds to use later in the year. The planning now really pays off later in the year when I start to get super busy. Some of the trends this year cross over from last year and some of the old trends from previous years are back.

Black is back! In a really big way this year. Just when you thought Food Photographers were moving away from it in their styling it’s back! This time we can expect to see more classical compositions and natural lighting. Check out this article from Getty Images for more information

I currently have the Fast Show’s Johnny Nice Painter in my head every time I think of black! ‘It’s All Black’  Fast Show

I do wish we could push beyond black. Yes it makes food look amazing but last year when we were seeing more greys and blues I really did hope the love affair with black would be over. I am not sure I can face doing any food photography on black backgrounds in this dull winter weather!

Example of one of the dark boards available from PhotoBoards

Black Backgrounds

Check out PhotoBoards I discovered this company last year and they have a great selection of backgrounds for still life photography. If you haven’t tried them before click here to receive 10% off your first order.

Alternatively take the DIY approach as there are lots paint techniques you can do yourself and plywood makes a fairly inexpensive background board that you can repaint and reuse.

Monochrome colour schemes are set to be popular for interiors and the suggestion is that there will be a trend for black and white photography rather than colour in people’s homes. This is great news if you are a fine art photographer working in Black and White as this will provide the chance to sell some fine art prints!


Put Your Sunglasses On!

It’s going to be one of those years where we all might just suffer from migraines thanks to the bright and almost neon colours that are predicated by Shutterstock as the most popular choices this year. Check out this article from Shutterstock for more information on the different colours that are trending at the moment.




This year is all about taking care of ourselves and our environment. Images focusing on getting out in to nature and disconnecting with social media and technology are still in demand. Close up photographs of the natural world will be also in demand this year along with images that focus on our environment and more specifically on environmental campaigns. This seems like a great reason to get out there and make a difference as photographers.

I predict that this will be the year where we start to see more social documentary work and portraiture of people in their natural environments at home and work.

Do check out the video that accompanies this post for more information. I hope you have a great year in pictures and create some fantastic stock photography.


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