Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads

Are you a Graphic designer or multi-media artist? Are you looking for interesting background textures to use in your work? I have created a range of background textures that are available as a digital download for use in a number of design settings. You can use them as digital backgrounds in your deigns or print them out for craft and collage projects. You can purchase digital downloads through my secure service provider Payhip. Click on the links to browse & purchase. Please see our fair use policy below before making your purchase. Do use the Contact form if you have any questions.


Painted Wood Effect Background Papers

For examples check out the video link





Fair Use Policy:

You are purchasing a digital item for the purpose of crafting, art and design. Buying this item gives you the right to use the designs for personal projects, and for the creation of cards of up to no more than 500 pieces. Manufacture above this amount would be regarded as commercial manufacture and for this you must purchase a separate commercial license from us. Failure to do so would be a breach of the terms and conditions of the sale and a breach of the owner Kusuma Photo’s copyright. If you are a designer purchasing a file to use as an element in a design that will be sold for commercial use you must obtain a commercial license for the file. Failure to do so would be an infringement of the owner Kusuma Photo/Dawn Harts copyright.The sale and download of the files is limited to the purchaser only and they must not be distributed to anyone else.