Make Room For The Copy

As tempting as it is to take lots of eye catching images that fill the frame; these days it is equally as important to leave some room for copy (text).

Most companies own a website, and in some cases multiple sites and there is an increasing need for eye catching images that leave space for text for use on home pages and blog headers. Images with copy space are also needed on social media and for advertising campaigns.

So what is your potential client looking for?

  • White or solid colour backgrounds
  • Natural backgrounds such as blue sky, grass or sand
  • Textured backgrounds –this could be anything. I recently shot a whole series of images of painted boards, which I further manipulated in Photoshop to make them look rustic and weathered.



Make sure you get your key words right once you have uploaded your images. You might find the following helpful : ‘copy text’ ‘space for text’ ‘textured background’ ‘copyspace’ ‘wallpaper’ ‘texture’ ‘pattern’ or you could be more specific such as ‘white flower and copy space’. Keywording in this way will give your images more visibility when image buyers are looking for pictures with copy space.

Space it Out

While clients running an advertising campaign might prefer a right hand side space for text as this is the most eye catching; a web designer wanting to create a navigation page might not have a preference. So my advice is to shoot two images, one with copy space to the left and another with space to the right. Most purchasers for website imagery will probably want a landscape orientation of an image while someone wanting an image for a magazine might want a picture with space in an portrait orientation.

Text Choices

Dark text (copy) on a light background is the most easy to read so shoot some light backgrounds. I try and shoot the same subject but with two or three different coloured backgrounds to give people choice. Even though black backgrounds aren’t necessarily the first choice for adding text they do still sell well so it’s worth adding in some black and white backgrounds. Also do some research as to the types of colours that are trending. Right now people seem to really like pastels and vintage colour schemes.

So the next time you take a shot don’t forget to think about Copy Space as it is a great way to boost your microstock sales.

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