Women have a reputation for owning large quantities of bags and shoes! Okay so I have to confess a passion for Dr Marten Boots, but as for hand bags I only own a couple. Camera Bags however are a different story. I can’t say that I own lots of camera bags out of a compulsive shopping habit!, far from it; it’s because I simply can’t find one bag that will support my back, shoulders or hips! (someone please invent one).

I have two Lowepro rucksack camera bags because a rucksack is the best way to distribute the weight of my camera gear. I bought a sling style bag by Samsonite because it was suggested that they also distribute the weight better across the back. I personally find a sling bag does put less weight on the back but you end up with a sore shoulder and ribs. As I have a condition called Fibromyalgia wearing an uncomfortable bag only aggravates the problem.

I did wear a belt system back in the days when I could do long days out on location and if by some miracle I could ever do that again I would probably look at investing in the Think Tank System or Lowepro as they distribute the weight across the hips rather than straining the back and neck. I have owned two Billingham  shoulder bags at one time or another and both were just too heavy on my shoulders. I find it easier to vary what I wear rather than staying with the same style all the time; that way I even out the pain!

I decided to invest in a small shoulder bag again and after several frustrating hours on Amazon and one terrible purchase that immediately was returned after I opened it (I didn’t leave a good review!) I finally found the Evecase Classic Messenger Bag. There were lots of good reviews on Amazon but I am aware after my other awful purchase (see here) that they mean nothing. So I really had my fingers crossed that the Evecase would be okay.

I was so pleased when I opened the box to discover that the Evecase Classic Messenger Bag immediately felt like it was made well. A very classic design with similar styling to a Billingham Bag (without the high price tag). The stitching is quite strong and I was happy that the padding was as thick as other camera bags that I own.


One of the great selling points to this little bag is the fact it has a removable insert to carry your camera body and lenses in. You can buy similar inserts separately from other manufacturers from between £12.00 to £30.00 so the fact that you get this insert and the bag for £28.99 seems like a really good price. This at least gives you the option to carry the insert bag inside an ordinary day rucksack or a suitcase if you wanted to. The padding inside the insert bag and the bag itself is very firm and there is a soft cotton lining and removable inserts. The insert bag also has storage in the opened lid for three memory cards.

There is additional storage with a pocket inside the main bag to hold a small tablet device such as an e-reader. There are two pockets in the front of the bag and a large pocket at the back which would be useful for a notebook or sketchpad.

The Exterior Bag size is 12.6 x 8.7 x 6.3 inches. The Inner Bag size is 10.2 x 7.1 x 4.5 inches.

The product description for the Evecase Classic Bag is I think conservative in its estimate of the kit you can get in the bag. I managed put in a full frame DSLR body with a 100mm macro attached. I could also fit in a short zoom, standard lens and a wide angle lens.

If you want to see a more detailed view of the bag and the amount of kit you can get in it please click on the You Tube Video above and it would be great if you could subscribe to my channel too!

The bag isn’t waterproof but is water resistant, and it’s a shame they didn’t incorporate a rain cover in to the bag as it would have been a selling point for someone planning to use this bag for days out.

I personally can see me using this bag when I am out walking my dog with just a couple of lenses and a camera body. I might use it for the occasional afternoon out. As to how well my shoulders and back hold up to carrying it, well we will save that for another blog post!


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