Coffee Anyone?

I have been busy over the last couple of weeks creating a variety of photographs of coffee. My previous shots of an Irish Coffee have sold so well as stock images I thought I would try and improve on them. I actually managed to pour the cream first time without it sinking. Just shows that my days as a waitress while studying photography back in the late eighties weren’t wasted!

I have also taken the opportunity to use some lovely blue vintage coffee cups that were crying out to be used. All of the coffee shots are now available to purchase through the libraries I supply. Some of the shots are close-ups and others have room for text for use on websites and in brochures. These images are available through i-stock and Shutterstock.

  • Make Room For The Copy
    Make Room For The Copy
  • Valentines Day Stock Imagery
    Valentines Day Stock Imagery
  • An Introduction to Stock Photography
    An Introduction to Stock Photography