In my previous article on ‘Social Media For Freelance Photographers’ I briefly talked about how you can use your photography website to increase your income. Some of you might be happy just to use your site as a portfolio, but there are some of you out there that I know […]

Gone are the days when you created brochures and postcards and relied on a postage stamp and a phone call to get your name to your potential clientele. These days photographers are increasingly relying on Social Networking to gain new business. If you are not already using Social Media then […]

So you want to dip a toe in the Stock Photography Market? I’ve spent the last three months exploring the ins and outs of becoming a contributor. INTRODUCTION Back in the 1990’s the image giants ruled Stock Photography, and most professional photographers saw some value in contributing imagery because if […]


6 Faces of Trauma Project

In the Spring of 2016 I created this audio video project about my experiences of living with trauma. I have PTSD, it is diagnosed, but as yet not treated by any medical professional within the NHS. Why? Because my GP surgery will not fund Trauma treatment. My local Psychological Service […]

The blog has been a bit quiet of late and its mostly down to the fact that I have been in the studio getting my head around flash lighting. I have been shooting some stock images. I have had work accepted by Alamy, Shutterstock and Fotolia. I will do a […]

My time in the studio brings some peace from an otherwise complicated life and sometimes my photography is influenced by the world around me without me realising it. I recently started another project photographing flowers and events unfolded that meant I couldn’t go back in the studio for a couple […]

While the USA is in a state of unrest about its Muslim citizens, perhaps it is time to remind ourselves that this is not the first time a minority group has been treated with great suspicion and fear. During the 1940’s, Men, Women and Children of Japanese descent were imprisoned […]

Last Friday I had the boring job of taking lots of things to the local tip. Half way along the busy A road, it quickly became a bumper to bumper scenario. Aware that time was not on my side, I was hungry, hot, thirsty and impatient, so I decided to […]