Using An Oasis With Flowers

For just a couple of pounds you can transform your photographs of flowers.  Oasis comes in various shapes and sizes and is regularly used by florists to design floral arrangements. A pack of three cylindrical shapes like the one I use in the video costs just £1.50 from retailers such […]


Making Your Own Painted Backgrounds For Your Food Photography

It’s all too easy to get carried away thinking that you need to purchase expensive backdrops but sometimes the vision you have in your head doesn’t match the backgrounds that are available to purchase. More often than not I make my own backgrounds with plywood and some acrylic paints. Alternatively […]


Making the Most of Props & Backgrounds

I often get asked ‘What props do you use?’ or ‘How did you get that shot?’. As a photographer you kind of want to keep an air of mystery about what you do but if I did that then nobody would ever learn from what I do or improve on […]