Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Kusuma Photo. Your privacy is important to us so let us tell you a little bit about how we use your data.

When you visit our site cookies track the pages you visit to help us to understand the pages you like and the pages your don’t and this information is collected by Google Analytics.

If you click on any of the affiliate adverts on this site you will be redirected to that company where your data will be collected by them if you choose to make a purchase from.

If you place an order with us via our partners, Pixieset or Folksy we promise to only keep your personal details for as long as we need to in order to full fill your order and for tax purposes. We need to keep a copy of all sales made in order to comply with UK tax laws.

Your personal data is only shared with those organisations used to carry out the process of your sale as mentioned above.

If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy please do contact us.