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Eve Case Classic Camera Bag – A review

Women have a reputation for owning large quantities of bags and shoes! Okay so I have to confess a passion for Dr Marten Boots, but as for hand bags I only own a couple. Camera Bags however are a different story. I can’t say that I own lots of camera […]


Starting Out As A Stock Image Photographer – My Experiences So Far.

Since June 2016 I have been experimenting with submitting my work to Stock Image Libraries. There has been some ups and downs and I have learnt a lot along the way. In this post I am sharing with you everything I have learnt in the hope it helps you with […]


Stock Image Trends For 2019

It’s January 2019 and the start of a whole new year in photography. For me January is always my time for researching and buying in props and making painted backgrounds to use later in the year. The planning now really pays off later in the year when I start to […]


It’s Still Xmas If You are a Stock Image Photographer!

Happy New Year! It’s January 2019 and the start of a whole new year of pictures. I know you have packed your Christmas Decorations away and probably feel sick at the thought of another mince pie But! If you are a stock image photographer you still have to be in […]

Back in March 2018 I discovered PhotoBoards at The Photography Show in Birmingham. I initially purchased three of the boards but I can honestly say that I have quickly fallen in love with them. They are pretty hardwearing as long as you follow the manufacturers guidelines e.g don’t put any […]

I have recently been working on a collection of Greeting Cards using some of the best of my floral photography. I am particularly pleased with my card featuring a hydrangea which includes the phrase ‘Tell Me A Story With Flowers’. For this image I created several layers using Adobe Photoshop […]


Reflectors & Flowers

If you don’t really know much about reflectors or how to use them or you are not sure what kind to buy, this simple short video will give you a brief answer. Why Use a reflector? With flowers it is simply to lighten the areas that are deep in shadow. […]


Selling your Photography as Fine Art Prints

This is my first post of any great length in a while, partly due to the fact that I have struggled over the last couple of months with my Fibromyalgia symptoms. Brain Fog continues to be a problem that hampers my ability to string a sentence together so I make […]

As Google’s Nik Collection no longer works with the latest iOS updates from Apple and there is no sign of the new owners updating the collection for Macs any time soon, I have been experimenting with the filters created by software company Topaz. The Dying Anemone featured above on the […]

I am delighted to be taking part in the Leamington Studio Artists Annual Photography Exhibition. The LSA annual open Photography and Digital Image exhibition is taking place at East Lodge from Wednesday 8th February until Sunday 5th March. The exhibition will be open Wednesday to Sunday 10am ’til 4pm. I […]


Stock Image Trends 2018

I have been a bit quiet on here of late. Apologies but it’s January and everyone in my house has been poorly. It’s been a time for resting a little and I have taken some time to sit and research the up and coming image trends for this year. I […]

I have been busy over the last couple of weeks creating a variety of photographs of coffee. My previous shots of an Irish Coffee have sold so well as stock images I thought I would try and improve on them. I actually managed to pour the cream first time without […]

I don’t often enter photographic competitions. In fact this is only my second competition entry in a decade. But sometimes you get a sense that your work fits with the award category. In this case my portraits about Carers seemed like an appropriate entry for a competition being run by […]