Happy New Year! It’s January 2019 and the start of a whole new year of pictures. I know you have packed your Christmas Decorations away and probably feel sick at the thought of another mince pie But! If you are a stock image photographer you still have to be in love with Christmas in January. It’s this time of year that some companies such as greeting card publishers for example will already be starting to plan their products for Christmas.

So make the most of the January sales and buy up cheap decorations and xmas food and create some stunning stock images and get them loaded up for image buyers to think about in the next few months.

Macroons Close Up in metallic colours on a bronze background.

Last year I photographed some Macaroons in late December 2017 and early January 2018. As early as June 2018 they were selling well and by September 2018 more sales were coming in and I made my final Macaroon sale just a couple of weeks before xmas. So you see a little investment in a packet of Christmas Biscuits really did pay off. If you put in the effort now to create some Christmas photographs you will reap the rewards later on this year.

I always buy some of the seasonal magazines in November and pick up the free ones from the supermarkets so that I have a reference for creating images for the following year. Also take a look at the image trends for this year to get an idea of what colours are going to be in. (More on this in my next blog post coming soon).

Do a google search to see what the top selling Christmas images were for 2018 as this will also give you some inspiration for this year. Here are a few links to help you get started:

Christmas Backgrounds with copy space

Christmas Decorations

So put on some Christmas tunes! (just kidding) Focus on creating some Christmas stock imagery and you really will see the income generation later in the year. Please do leave me some comments on the You Tube video that accompanies this blog post later in the year to let me know how you get on.



See examples from my own account on Shutterstock

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