Experiments with Decay & Filters

As Google’s Nik Collection no longer works with the latest iOS updates from Apple and there is no sign of the new owners updating the collection for Macs any time soon, I have been experimenting with the filters created by software company Topaz. The Dying Anemone featured above on the left was created using a Topaz Texture Effects Plug-in whilst the Dying Rosebud was created using the Black and White filter effects plug in from Topaz. I increased the Transparency effect on the rose to add some colour back in so as to created a faded colour effect. Both of these Topaz plugins offer a huge range of filters to experiment with.  And both of the effects give you the option of masking off some of the original image which I did with the Anemone so as to create a defined texture for the background that is a ‘Grunge’ effect.

I had to opt for the separate Topaz plugins as I currently work on an old Mac Book Pro (2011) but if you have a more up to date Mac Book you can try using Topaz Studio as this allows you to purchase and use a huge range of filters. For more information and access to free- 30 day trials of the filters click on the links embedded here. I will post a more detailed review of the two plugins once I have gotten to know the software more. So do drop by again to see some more results.

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