6 Faces of Trauma Project

In the Spring of 2016 I created this audio video project about my experiences of living with trauma. I have PTSD, it is diagnosed, but as yet not treated by any medical professional within the NHS. Why? Because my GP surgery will not fund Trauma treatment. My local Psychological Service […]

While the USA is in a state of unrest about its Muslim citizens, perhaps it is time to remind ourselves that this is not the first time a minority group has been treated with great suspicion and fear. During the 1940’s, Men, Women and Children of Japanese descent were imprisoned […]

May be its my age, at nearly 43, I am kind of feeling nostalgic, not for the stench of the darkroom, no I will give that one a miss, but the unmistakable sound of a film rolling through the camera. You know the one, even if you haven’t shot a […]